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Film & Performing Arts


This is a visual arts program that offers young people another avenue through which to explore their creativity and critical thinking. Classes and workshops in the arts are often intertwined with drama and music, as youth prepare for art shows and community presentations. you. Young children are active and exuberant explorers. They observe the world around them and may get much of their information and education from television and film.


The activities of our afterschool segment foster English-language acquisition through the development of oral and written communication related to the study of the moving image. Young students tell stories by combining their observations with their inner worlds of fantasy. We help children to capture these combinations of fantasy and reality to create unique moving images. Children experience moving images from their earliest childhood. Developers of cartoons, films, adverts, and all moving image media construct their work to tell stories and provoke feelings. They are a massive part of our culture.


Children learn intuitively to read this information so they can follow a story. Moving Image Education is about helping young people to question, analyze, explore, and understand the meaning of what they are watching and hearing. We work with children to make their film or video, use cell phones, for example, and analyze or learn how to read movies, culture, and heritage of moving images.


Our artists offer children opportunities to use film, television, and animation to illustrate and illuminate other content areas while developing skills necessary to create films. We suggest activities to help improve students’ ability to express their point of view. While the ability to operate a camera or edit video would be helpful, they are not necessary to implement the activities needed for movie & media image learning. Cellphone videos are useful in this course for young children. We can explain the procedures necessary to create animation or video using the cellphone and films on how to media images.

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