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Educational Enhancement


The academic achievement of our students is important to the staff of the Brooklyn Youth Enrichment. Homework sessions would be held three afternoons per week, or more if needed, during the school year. We would make tutors available year round for children seeking extra assistance. Participants would be required to bring their report cards to Brooklyn Youth Enrichment—allowing counselors to monitor performance and provide any necessary help.


All students would be encouraged to use computers at school or at home to improve their computer skills. Academic Support for At-Risk Youth. Academic support is a key component of the Brooklyn Youth Enrichment program. Children are required to finish their regular schoolwork before they start other activities. Based on years of research in education, the three-part academic-training program consists of homework help, tutoring and educational-enhancement activities.


The shared objective of the three components is to encourage young people to become self-directed learners and assume responsibility for their own educational success. We believe that by introducing information technology as a fourth component of the academic-training program, young people will have a more realistic opportunity to avoid a destiny of failure. An increasing number of candidates for the work force come from groups traditionally on the margins of technological experience, yet the amount and breadth of technical training needed for many jobs have increased.


Many jobs depend on the skills of symbolic analysis—abstraction, system-thinking, experimental inquiry and collaboration. The information age is changing the occupational structure to one based on mental, not physical, abilities. To the technologically astute, the quality of life will be improved dramatically. For others, however, traditional barriers to advancement will be reinforced, and additional hindrances will be created.

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