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We Appreciate Corporate & Individual Volunteers:

We believe that volunteer engagement does not exist in a vacuum. Therefore we integrate plans for community involvement and volunteer stewardship within the existing strategic plan for our organization’s future direction.


The most important question we ask ourselves before contemplating a community engagement initiative is,


“What is the work that we must do to achieve our organization’s mission & goals?”


Asking this question ensures that our volunteer opportunities fit within BYE’s overall objectives and the plan for moving forward.


Additionally, the question benefits volunteers, who surely care whether their time and talents make a difference. We know that volunteers thrive when they can see that the work they perform is central to BYE’s work that impacts the organization’s bottom line—its mission.


We Welcome College Students to Help:

We like to recruit College volunteers because they are energetic, enthusiastic, and bright young people eager to gain experience and networking opportunities while making a difference in the world.


We know from experience that college students can be equally engaged and dedicated as our more established helpers.


They have a wealth of specialized skills that can become an asset to BYE.


We want to know their interest so we can offer opportunities:

  • They are passionate about

  • That utilize their skills & knowledge

  • For growth

  • That fit their schedule


We give college students volunteer opportunities that they will find worthwhile.


We Seek Tutors Who are Passionate About Education:

We find that working 1:1 with students is immensely gratifying, both for the tutor and child we tutor.  Tutoring gets to the heart of learning, personalizing the meaning and instruction of the subject at hand.


  We are looking for tutors that build strong, personal relationships with their students.  We seek tutors who listen and communicate early and often with parents and teachers.

We primarily recruit tutors that have specific content expertise. We are looking for tutors that remember the importance of being lifelong learners. Even expert tutors:

• Check with parents and teachers often.

• Monitor the goals you and students have set together.

•Track student growth and progress often

•Take advantage of professional development opportunities.




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